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An excellent tool for optimizing your PC




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If you’re sick of putting up with endless error messages and signs of instability on your PC, you need an application like Condor optimizer, the most effective and complete way to improve your system's performance thanks to its wide range of tools and options.

A new clear and precise interface allows you to access one of the four main administration areas which are divided into: optimization, security, features and restrictions.

Memory, menus, display, network, cache, disk, file system and services are the main areas affected by the program.

The restrictions administrator is an added bonus that is able to stop the user from carrying out unwelcome actions such as: uninstalling applications, changing the wallpaper, locking the file association or task manager, etc.

Condor Optimizer is finished off with a file cleaner where you can free up space by deleting temporary files from a chosen directory, a tool for managing the applications that run during start-up and a plug-in updater.

Although this is a very tempting program, we only recommend using it if you know what you’re doing as the changes made are permanent and some could lead to system failures or worse.
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